Put Your Finger On The Source of Your Energy Use

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Whether you oversee a multi-facility campus or a high rise office building, the team at Energy Sub-Metering Solutions (ESSI), offers innovative and technology-driven solutions to measure and report your utility consumption and expenses. Today’s competitive world places a high emphasis on a business’s bottom line, and knowing how one of your facilities highest re-occurring expenses (Utilities), are being managed, can make all the difference in your success.

ESSI’s team of energy experts has decades of experience working with property managers and building engineers to measure, analyze and report site energy use. We provide and install temporary and permanent submetering solutions, as well as offer ongoing submetering system management and support services; from design through commissioning and reporting. Energy Sub-Metering Solutions, Inc. has worked diligently and ethically since 2009 to become the preferred submetering systems integrator throughout Southern California.