Sub-Metering Systems


ESSI is an independent “integrator” of submetering systems. ESSI does not exclusively represent any product or manufacturer. We recommend the most cost-effective combination of new and existing metering equipment and software to meet project objectives. ESSI can take on a leadership role, providing some or all of the following submetering development services, in project-specific combinations. ESSI can perform as prime or sub-contractor to the Client/Owner, or others as assigned, at new and existing facilities.


Project Planning and Engineering: ESSI works with Owner/Client to define project goals and objectives. We…

  • Survey the site and/or review existing mechanical and electrical plans.
  • Inventory and consider re-use of existing or abandoned submetering equipment and identify where new equipment is needed.
  • Prepare conceptual and detailed engineering plans, specifications and construction budgets, including hardware schedules, software definition, 1-line interconnect diagrams, construction details, floor plans and other project specific requirements.
  • Coordinate data file sharing with existing EMS, IT and other related systems and stake holders.

ESSI offers Free, tenant lease (Building Services section only) and TI document reviews to determine Landlord’s Submetering requirements, as defined in the lease. With this background information in hand, ESSI can provide a design/build construction services proposal to implement a turn-key, Utility expense management and on-going reporting solution, for your consideration.


Scheduling and Project (Construction) Management
ESSI Prepares detailed project implementation schedules and manages team progress by communicating via regular meetings, progress reports, issues updates, action item lists and other applicable tools.
Construction Process
ESSI furnishes submetering equipment and software, retains industry-leading mechanical and electrical sub-contractors for sensor and system infrastructure and connectivity installation. ESSI performs final hardware wiring terminations, equipment start-up, programming, testing and commissioning services. ESSI also provides, configures and tests software solutions to convert metered data into insightful reports, including real-time, energy dashboards.
Project Closeout
ESSI Generates as-built documentation, including final drawings and submittals, operations and maintenance manuals, completed commissioning forms, training tools, warranty and other information. ESSI develops training materials for metering systems and trains permanent operating staff, as applicable.


Long Term Submetering Support
We remove the monthly head-ache out of manual meter reading and utility bill-backs. ESSI provides regular data review, processing and report preparation in accordance with lease provisions and project guidelines. ESSI also provides on-going preventative maintenance and repair services for installed submetering system hardware and software.
Temporary Metering and 30-day Electrical Studies
Energy Sub-metering Solutions offers, thermal and electrical load measurement studies from one (1), to multiple days. Scopes of work typically include: documenting metering objectives, site survey, providing, installing, programming and commissioning temporary metering equipment, data collection and certified report development.

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