Years of combined experience

The Energy Sub-Metering Solutions team brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. With over 50 years of combined experience implementing custom, submetering applications, for utility management, energy benchmarking, project Measurement & Verification (M&V) reporting, end-use expense allocation, LEED® and Energy Star® reporting, ESSI’s main objective is to reduce your workload by providing you and your team with the insightful utility information needed for decision makers and stake-holders to manage facilities better!

Founded in 2009 as G. B. Hubbard & Associates, LLC, a professional engineering services and energy consulting firm, we re-branded and expanded our services under: Energy Sub-Metering Solutions, Inc. in 2013, to include Design/build submetering services after obtaining our C-10, California contractors license. This allowed ESSI to offer complete, turn-key, submetering solutions.

ESSI aims to revolutionize the way organizations manage utility expenses by providing real-time “spotlights” into facility energy use, and implementing technology to trigger alarms on stakeholder’s tablet, smart-phone or at their desk, whenever a load deviates from historical profiles.

By combining unique, forward-thinking analytical tools with on-going metered data, the specialists at Energy Sub-metering Solutions will evaluate energy trends and will work with Building Managers and Operators to identify opportunities to reduce utility demand, consumption and expenses. Savings opportunities are typically available through continuous management of facility demand which can represent more than 25% of the typical, high-rise office tower’s electric expense. In addition, lowering demand over time, also reduces consumption.

Whether you’re in need of-

Complete system design and construction

Integrate existing metering assets with new, cloud-based equipment

Energy Sub-Metering Solutions has the knowledge and experience to evaluate current conditions and recommend cost-effective solutions in compliance with the technical and financial objectives of the Client.