Energy Star®, LEED® EBOM & Building Benchmarking

Green Building & Sustainability Program Support

Energy efficiency opportunities identified through energy benchmarking or ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers), energy audits should be measured and reported on prior to (for baseline development) and following implementation (for savings verification). In addition, Corporate sustainability directives challenge building managers and operators to strive for energy efficient buildings because they benefit occupants, the environment and the bottom-line.

Energy Sub-metering Solutions’, on-going utility tracking and reporting services keep the spotlight on Corporate sustainability goals and quickly identifies operational anomalies to allow corrective actions to be implemented without delay.

Energy Sub-metering Solutions specializes in separating central plant utility expenses across multiple buildings for Energy Star® and LEED® reporting requirements. Energy Star® no longer accepts square-footage or theoretical distribution percentages when allocating Central Plant HVAC expenses to the buildings served by the plant. Thermal energy entering each building needs to be metered and reported. Energy Sub-metering Solutions installs power, natural gas, water and thermal energy (BTUH) metering equipment where its needed to identify each building’s consumption of the plant’s “generated utilities”.

EMS System Optimization

Continuous Building or System Commissioning

The team at Energy Sub-Metering Solutions pride themselves on the ability to offer building system “tune ups” using real-time sub-metered data and suggesting operation adjustments to achieve long-term results. Our Continuous Commissioning services, provide real-time utility dashboards to track energy usage and expenses across a multitude of systems simultaneously. This up-to-the minute data helps document your success at meeting your energy management objectives and identifies actionable events when system deviate from expected profiles.

ESSI’s Continuous commissioning services allow your energy management team to address potential equipment anomalies the moment your energy data shows potential problem rather than waiting for the utility bill to indicate trouble. Along with our other comprehensive submetering services, we believe continuous commissioning of building systems provides the greatest benefits to building owners, managers, operators the public and the environment.

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